Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger Love Songs

30 Jul

Wendy’s pretzel bacon cheeseburger love songs

The american burger chain, Wendy’s  have, in my opinion, struck gold with their campaign for their new Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. In essence it takes the tweets and facebook updates hashtagged #‎PretzelLoveSongs‬ and turn them into cheesy lovesongs. As the engagement on their Facebook page and Twitter page shows, their customers and followers are all in on the idea, with lots of sharing, commenting and hashtagging going on. I think this is a great way to think content marketing, where “real” content from users are amplified in a fun (and very cheesy) way, that resonates well with their brand and their audience . The great thing about this campaign is that they  manage to gather a large amount of social media users to tell their followers how great they think the burger is, thus creating ambassadors for the brand and the burger. On top op this it is a great way to generate lots and lots of content, both to be used in the videos but also in the hashtags streams on twitter and facebook. The comment from one facebook user, Mark, is what all marketers are hoping to achieve, but seldom do. And the response from Wendy’s is just spot on. Now I just wish there was a Wendy’s in Denmark so I could try the amazing burger.


Comment on Wendy’s facebook page for Wendy’s pretzel bacon cheeseburger

Digital Strategy 101

24 Jul

Digital Strategy. A very diluted term, and a term that encompasses so much within digital marketing, social media and digital business. In my view, Bud Cadell has made a presentation that manages to explain all that is needed to form digital strategies (at least for agencies / consultants), but has a wider use than that. Check it out below – it should be mandatory for all people working with digital media and marketing.

via Digital Strategy 101.

Cannes Lions 2013 Predictions

12 Jun

With the world’s advertising eyes looking at Cannes in a few days, now is the time to look at the great ideas during the past year in advertising, that has a chance to win. Find a few of the greatest video cases below, with help from Fast Cocreate, predicted to take home a lion or two.

For a full list, visit this youtube channel, showing more of the best work. http://www.youtube.com/user/CannesPredictions?feature=watch

Oreo showing how to produce massive amounts of great content.

Dumb ways to die

Nike, “Jogger”

Coca Cola Small World Machines

MINI driving dogs

Samsung’s “Bridge of Life”

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

And of course…Felix B

Auto-correct keeps apes out of advertising – literally!

30 May

ScreenHunter_92 May. 30 08.52

What a great example of how to use an everyday technology, to send a purposeful message across the globe, targeted directly at the people in charge of decisions.  If only we could implement the idea in the autocorrect of iphones and emails…

PETA & BBDO Autocorrect Great Apes Out of Ads – YouTube.

These Are The 20 Best Brands On Facebook

3 May

What are the top performing brands on facebook? According to Facebook, this is the 20 brands that completely owns facebook, and sets the example for the rest of us for engaging fans with great content in creative and innovative ways.

My personal favorite is Oreos, with their 100 creative posts in 100 days, celebrating their 100 anniversary. A simple, yet great way to use the social network in an inspirering way. However there are so many great examples here, like Mustang whose fans customized 1,7 mil. (!) cars and battled with their friends about the best design.

Another on the top 20 list is Grey Poupon, already mentioned here on Brunsviger for their snobby and discriminating Facebook page.

Lots of great inspiration – find all here Facebook Says These Are The 20 Best Brands On The Social Network – Business Insider.



Mercedes Sells 666 cars in 8 hours on China’s ‘Twitter’

19 Mar

Who says you can’t sell on Social Media? Mercedes just sold 666 SMART cars in 8 hours on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, Sina Weibo. Things just happen a lot quicker on Social Media in China these days, and no wonder the west is obsessed with the platform.

As Social Commerce Today writes, Mercedes did 3 things to push direct sales on social media, that we all can learn from:

  1. Create a special limited edition that will not be available for sale elsewhere – a Social media exclusive.
  2. Theme and schedule the special edition around a popular calendar event (e.g. Chinese New Year)
  3. Don’t ask for full payment, just a deposit (e.g. 1.5%)

Of course it helps that Sina Weibo has an integrated e-commerce platform with payment gateways. Facebook has a similar, non payment platform in Offers, but twitter is still far behind in this area.

One thing that misses in the Mercedes case, is the social element. I find it difficult to see how the campaign used social media for more than a publishing platform, but it is hard to argue with the effect; $ 13 million in sale in one day – or 4 % of annual sales.


Mercedes Sells 666 cars in 8 hours with 3-point ‘Twitter’-Commerce Plan | Social Commerce Today.

Tablets needs to be taken seriously.. now!

13 Mar

A recent study from Adobe, shows that Tablet usage has skyrocketed over the past years, and now trumps mobile in a lot of online parameters like visits, time spent, and size of shopping basket. This is no surprise to me, I haven’t used my personal laptop in over one month, for one good reason: I have a tablet (ipad). I prefer this to a great extent over my laptop, because it is has better user experience, and is way more convenient to use than a large lapto and I do most of my online shopping here. But only on sites that are easy to use on a tablet, and this is the main take away from the Adobe study. If you do not have a website that is responsive to different devices, and provides a friendly user experience, you will loose customers. The fact that tablet sales are predicted to trump PC sale in 2013, is indeed also a good reason to start optimizing. So get to it! :)

Adobe Digital Marketing Blog | Tablets trump smartphones in global website traffic.


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